There are certain rules that are specific to the Bath Touch Leagues.  They are as follows:

Fixtures & Referee Allocations

It is extremely important that matches kick off on time.  If your team is late for your match then you will lose a try for every two minutes lost.

Please make sure that you meet your refereeing duties Failure to meet these duties could result in a 1 point penalty deduction from your team's league total.  Captains, make sure your team and you volunteer ref is aware of the allocations.

In each game those listed as ref 1 should be capable of refereeing an entire game on their own.  Those listed as ref 2 are our newer referees.

The newer refs are expected to at least perform full linesman duties, but are more than welcome to take to the pitch if they feel capable (and we encourage this).

To get consistency all refs should focus on achieving the following:
  • Have  a pre game chat - this is where the refs should agree on the duties they will perform and the areas they are going to focus on during the game
  • Tight enforcement of the offiside rule - aim to be the first person 5m back from every touch and encourage the players to get onside
  • Working as a team - onfield refs should make good use of their linesman and should always look for an 'all clear' signal before awarding a try.
  • Only the referee that awards a try should be marking it on the scorecard.
In addition to this, coaches are assigned to each of the league game slots and these guys are our most experienced referees.  If you want to get some coaching or pointers, try to let them know before your game starts.  Otherwise, these guys will be floating between games as they see fit.  They will be offering coaching or assisting with the refereeing where they feel it will be of most benefit.

Entrance Fees

Any team not meeting payment deadlines for entrance fees will receive a penalty of a 1 point deduction from their league total.


All leagues are mixed division competitions.  Teams must field at least 2 females players and at least 1 male player on the pitch at all times.  This differs from the F.I.T. rules which require at least 3 female players on the pitch at all times.

Borrowing Players

Teams must have at least 4 of their own players in order to start a game.  If not enough players turn up by halftime, then your team must forfeit the game.  Any delay caused by waiting for players to attend, means that your team will lose 1 try for every 2 minutes lost.

Teams may borrow a maximum of 1 male player from another team, if they have 4 or less of their own male players.

Teams may borrow a maximum of 2 female players from other teams, if they have 2 or less of their own female players.

These rules will be followed STRICTLY for Super League matches.  For Social League matches, there will be some flexibility.

League Points

Win - 4 Points
Draw - 2 Points
Loss - 1 Point
Forfeit - 0 Points

Forfeiting Games

If a team does not turn up by at least half time of their match then they forfeit the game.  A forfeited game is recorded as a 10-nil win to the opposing team, and the offending team does not record any league points.

Clubhouse Rules

Ladies, no getting changed in the toilets.  There are changing rooms allocated to you for changing.

Absolutely no rugby/football boots are to be worn in the clubhouseKit bags are also to be left outside.


Any player that is sent off during a match (red card), will receive a one match suspension (invoked the following week).

(Note: Suspensions maybe be extended depending on how serious the offence was and on the outcome of a discussion between referees and league organiser.  This applies to ALL players including ringers and referees.)

Team Shirts

All teams must have matching shirts with numbers on the reverse.  This helps both players and referees during a match.