Players who take part in any Bath Touch Leagues competition should adhere to the following player conduct guidelines:
  • Show the referees the respect you would show anyone in real life: we expect courtesy, and will show it to you.  In the same way, referees should respect the players.  If the referee shows you anything other than courtesy, report it to Neil Davies (league organiser), or to our highly respected and experienced referee coordinators, Karl Serevena and Dave Donaghy.  This courtesy will help to make sure that referees don't give up reffing half way through the season.

  • Show respect to your team mates and to opposition playersBanter is fine, but the referees have noticed some pretty untasteful remarks being exchanged between players on opposing sides in the last couple of weeks.

  • Be aware that some of our referees are less experienced as refs than you are as players.

  • Play to the whistle: listen to the ref (especially for things like touch counts and penalties: let your captain, or any experienced player, explain the massive advantage you can gain by doing this!)

  • Sub cleanly: never have more than 6 players on the field.  This rule is waived after a touchdown, but only then. (Think of this: if you reckon you're not gaining an advantage by getting a cheeky sub on before your mate has come off, then why do it?  But if there is an advantage to doing this, then the referee must penalise you.)

  • Make sure you, and your team (especially the beginners) know the rules: if you're a complete beginner team, speak to Neil, and he'll sort out some coaching; if you're not, then it's your job to make sure your new players know the rules as well as you do.

  • Expect a nice big onside line: referees cannot be exact when marking out 5m or 10m on the run, so they will err on the side of making the game nice and open.