Federation of International Touch (FIT)

The Federation of International Touch (FIT), is the organisation that organises and manages international Touch affairs.

The Federation of International Touch was formed at a meeting held in conjunction with the Australian National Championships that were held in Melbourne in 1985.

The Federation of International Touch meets once every two years and elects its office bearers every four years. The major event on the FIT calendar is the World Cup of Touch which is staged every four years. Other events staged or assisted by the Federation consist of The European Touch Championships, the Youth World Cup and the World Schools Championship. 

England Touch Association (ETA)

The England Touch Association (ETA) is responsible for the governance and development of Touch in England. They are a Non-Profit organisation currently funded by membership fees and managed by an Executive Committee selected their members.

The ETA is also responsible for the selection, coaching and management of National teams to take part in International competitions, such as the 2008 European Championships in Paris and the 2007 World Cup in South Africa.

The ETA provide affiliated leagues around the country with support and services that ensure anyone wanting to play the sport can do so in a safe and enjoyable environment. Services include referee development, coaching, and player protection policies.

National Touch Series (NTS)

The National Touch Series (NTS) is one of the key participation events organised by the ETA. The NTS is designed to bring together Touch events into a co-ordinated Series, allowing teams to test themselves against the best in the country across 7 events throughout the summer.

The NTS aims to provide a bridge between local leagues and international Touch, exposing players and referees to a higher level of competition, thus strengthening the game in England.

In 2009, the events will be run by affiliated England Touch members, including Bath, Cambridge, London, Nottingham, Newcastle and Thames Valley.