Bath Touch Leagues relies on many volunteer players and independent referees to officiate the many touch matches that take place throughout the year.  Without their invaluable service, quite simply, the touch leagues could not run.  Bath Touch Leagues wishes to express its thanks to everyone who has done their bit and continues to do so in ensuring each league runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all.

Being a Referee

Being a referee not only gives you a better understanding of the rules of touch, but it also provides players with a greater respect for referees and the job they have to do.  There is also the bonus of payment.
If you want to be a referee, then please don't hesitate in getting in touch.  You will be doing Bath Touch Leagues a great service.


All Bath Touch Leagues referees get paid £5 per full game that they officiate.  Note, that if a match is dualled (shared) with another referee, then this £5 payment is split equallySideline referees do not get paid.


There are regular refereeing courses throughout the year.  Anyone wishing to get a refereeing qualification, or to take their current refereeing qualifications further should check this website regularly for any announcements on course dates.  Alternatively, you can check the England Touch Association website (